Create Facebook Ads That Actually Profit!
Quit wasting time trying to 'figure it out' yourself - your time is way too precious for that.
Senka Radonich,
Founder of Adventure Girls
"Deb has blown my expectations on Facebook ads! I'm getting 5x more leads than I was doing it myself and my retention rate on those that opt-in is crazy awesome. I'd highly recommend Deb when it comes to Facebook ads!"
Facebook is simply too big to ignore.
Isn't It Time You....
Had a list of ideal clients who are primed and excited to hear about your latest offer?

Felt that zing of excitement every time you check your email list because there’s a cluster of new subscribers? (and you haven’t had to lift a finger!)

Had your offer or product SELL OUT faster than you actually thought possible?

Finally started seeing a bunch of payment notifications because your Facebook ads are crushing it?

Then this is the most important information you'll read in 2017!

Here's why...

Because in this online course, 'Create Ads That Profit', I don't cover JUST the Facebook Ads - but also some very powerful strategies behind them to ensure your success - this is something that very few people actually teach!
Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like When...
  • You NEVER have to worry about wasting money on ads that don't work or getting outrageously expensive leads ever again...
  •  Your business is growing every day because you’re getting quality leads 24/7...
  •  You know how to profit from your Facebook ads even though you're not a marketing expert...
  •  You really understand how to ensure you run profitable campaigns?
Will that make a difference for you?  For your business?
Do you think Facebook ads are too expensive to be profitable?
Listen up girlfriend - you can spend as little as $5 per day and grow your business - yup, true story! 

I've taken customers from having less than 100 page likers, to more than doubling that in just 24 hours - and only costing them $10.... not just once, but many times. I love teaching killer strategies that grow your business fast - but without the expense!

In 'Create Ads That Profit' - I show you how to go from zero to Facebook advertising hero, and it certainly doesn't need to cost you the earth to get there. I show you the best and cheapest strategies that will get you results.
Maybe you think it takes time and experience to get results?
If that's what you're thinking - you couldn't be further from the truth!

You can warm your audience up in as little as 24 hours - which will help you get better results, faster! This is a clever little strategy I use that have taken customers from having only 1,000 on their email list - to doubling that AND having all their ads paid for by an upsell - all in just 30 days! It's all about having a clear strategy.

Now if you have no list at all, and you have NO idea what an 'upsell' even is - fear not, this course covers everything is bite-sized, easy-to-understand video format, so you'll never get lost!

Suffice to say - Facebook ads is THE way to create incredible growth in your business - FAST.
Joanne Mills,
Jumpin' Jacks Toys
"Oh my goodness!! I was blown away by how much valuable information Deb shared ... I didn’t realise there was so much I didn’t know!
In true Deb Malone style, truckloads of awesome information is shared in a conversational, easy to follow way!"
All it takes is ONE Facebook ad.

Just ONE Facebook ad can change your business - and your life.
Here's What We Cover:
Module 1: The Facebook Marketing Funnel
  •  What it is and why it's imperative to your success
  •  Researching your market so you can create an offer they'll want
  •  Essentials for creating a kick-ass lead magnet
  •  One key ingredient that determines success
  •  How to create your own lead magnet
  •  Landing pages that convert
  •  How to create your own landing page
  •  The secret sauce to your thank you page
Module 2: Creating the Ad
  •  Understanding the layout of ads
  •  Setting up your first campaign 
  •  Choosing your campaign objectives
  •  Targeting: Warm vs cold, using custom audiences like a boss, interests vs competitors
  •  Let's talk custom conversions
  •  Copy: Understanding the WHY, talk to the problem, lower vs higher, copy that makes people click, ad copy hacks + ideas!
  •  Image: The rule you need to follow, images to capture attention
  •  Video: The one thing to include
Module 3: Results
  •  Overview of Results
  •  Cost per Objective
  •  Engagement
  •  Relevance
  •  Customise What You See
Module 4: Killer Strategies
  •  Sell your products
  •  [NEW] Messenger strategies
  •  Building brand awareness
  •  Ads to build your list
  •  Promote your webinar
Let's Talk Bonuses:
6 Weeks Access to Student Facebook Group With LIVE Q&A’s (Value $4,997)
This isn't just your regular 'Facebook group' that you get with a course. In this group, you're able to jump in and ask me questions anytime you like - and I will be there to answer them. If there's a more indepth answer required, I will create a video reply to support you. It's super important to me that you know that when you purchase this course - you're not just left alone to learn and 'figure it out', but you'll have my support throughout that first 6 weeks.
Powerful Sales & Launch Facebook Ad Blueprint (Value $997)
This is perfect to help you plan out your campaign effectively - it's just like your roadmap to running a successful campaign! The complete strategy is mapped out for you in an easy to follow blueprint - complete with a video so you don't get lost along the way.
How to Build Your List Without It Costing You a Cent (Value $697)
This is a premium training where you'll discover exactly how to get the most bang for your buck when running Facebook Ads to build your list. You'll see the exact strategy I use to build high quality email lists for my clients - without it costing a cent
Follow Up Email Swipe File (Value $497)
As the saying goes 'the fortune is in the follow up'. This email swipe file will give you inspiration on how to squeeze out extra sales in your follow up email sequence.
Writing Ad Copy Template (Value $397)
If you don't consider yourself a copywriter (let's face it, that's 99% of us), then this template is going to infinitely help you! Using this template, you'll never be stuck for what to write in your ads again.
Stop wasting time trying to 'figure it out yourself'...

Join 'Create Ads That Profit' and skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop most business owners from running successful ads and learn what DOES work!
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